Trail Map


The trail map below shows an aerial view of the HeadsUp Adventures property.

Check out our awesome selection of mountain bike and monster scooter tracks. We will provide a printed trail map when you arrive for your adventure.

View or download below.

Mountain Bike Trails

Elevation from top to bottom is approximately 185 metres. There are fourteen tracks to choose from and they all start in natural bush, meandering along ridge tops and through valleys. All tracks start at the drop off point, then branch out and end up together at the pick up point. In general, all tracks are downhill with only a few gentle uphill gradients. Those that want to utilise the shuttles, can buy passes and those that wish to cycle back up to the top, there is a designated boundary track to use, this is our eleventh track. It’s approximately 4km in total, which includes a 2.4km steady incline to get back to the top.

Grades of tracks start from grade 2 through to grade 5.

The easier tracks will be fine for an average rider, probably not for kids under 8 (unless an experienced rider). We have a newly re-designed pump track for young kids to ride on.

There are 5 downhill tracks through the bush for intermediate to experienced riders. These are tight, twisty trails through the natural forest, along with some drop offs and some awesome ‘rooty’ sections.

Jump Track

There is an awesome 1,300 metre jump track (grade 3) which consists of big rollers, table tops and cool berms. This track is designed for average to experienced riders. Each rider can ride at their own pace and improve in time.

Scooter Tracks

Riders will be shuttled to the start of the tracks at the top of the hill. From there, riders can meander their way down to the bottom where they will be uplifted. These tracks range from 1,400 – 1,900 metres long and there are 9 diverse tracks to choose from. The tracks range from family tracks, intermediate tracks and harder tracks for the adrenaline junkies. Three of the tracks have been metalled for the wetter conditions, so that we can cater for all types of NZ weather.

The scooters have front and back disc brakes for fast stopping. Kids under 6 years old can ride with parents on the scooters standing in front, or if they are able to, they can ride solo.