Monster Scooters

Monster Scooters, Monster Fun

Outdoor, eco friendly activity, non motorized off road scooters for everyone

Introducing New Zealand’s very first Monster Scooter Adventure Park – family fun in a stunning outdoor environment with fresh air and local wildlife. Struggling to find an activity to suit everyone in your family? We have the answer! Whether it be a family or mates day out, a birthday party, team building, or celebration activity; you will be thrilled at the fun and excitement of your experience.

These non-motorized, off-road scooters are fantastic fun for young, old, and just about everyone in between. From toddlers to teens and grandparents – you’ll be sure to have a blast. With a range of tracks to suit age and ability, you’ll find Monster Scooters to be a truly unique adventure. There is a choice of eight exciting different tracks, from introduction to advanced, including a fabulous jump track. Enjoy a thrilling ride down a track of your choice, meander through the breathtaking indigenous forest whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Once you reach the bottom meeting point, you’ll get to sit back and enjoy an off-road meander back up the mountain in one of our shuttle buses. Easy as! Each run takes approximately 20 – 25 minutes (incl. shuttle ride), but this may take longer as it’s dependent on how fast or slow you head on down the track.

Scooter information

5% discount available for groups of 15 or more riders (based on individual pricing & does not include passengers).

Bookings for large groups of 10+ riders essential.

Credit card surcharge 2.5% per transaction.

* Kids who ride as a passenger ride for $5 per run.


$25 Per Person for 1 run

$20 Per Person for 1 run when booking 4 or more people

$20 for each additional run when booking 4 or more people

$5      |   1 Passenger Ride

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What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing suitable for the outdoor environment as well as closed shoes for safety and comfort. A rain or wind breaker is also recommended to keep the chill or rain off if it’s not a sunny day.

What’s included?

  • Monster Scooter,
  • Safety Equipment,
  • Shuttle,
  • Heaps of fun!

1. Get to know your Monster Scooter!

These scooters are nothing like your everyday, garden variety scooter. With pumped-up off-road tyres and incredible suspension, they’re designed to easily traverse the bumpiest of tracks. A wide, grippy platform and robust steering mechanism makes handling a breeze, while your youngest passengers are able to easily stand in front of you, holding the bar for support. They feature high quality front and back disc brakes which are easy to apply.

2. Practice makes perfect!

Once you’ve chosen your Monster Scooter, it’s time for your training session. We take safety VERY seriously, so you’ll need to learn some basic skills before we can send you out into the wild! You’ll be given a safety briefing, after which you’ll be fitted with a helmet and gloves. Gloves are optional, but recommended.

Please read the HeadsUp very important rules and regulations.

Rules Before a Run!

Our HeadsUp team need to keep you safe, whilst you enjoy a thrilling, fun run.
Please follow these rules at all times:
- Riders to be in good health, and free from any knee, back and neck problems. Please ask one of our crew if you have any concerns or queries.- Unfortunately pregnant ladies will need to 'sit this one out' and take some time out at our HeadsUp Cafe.- Should you have any other medical concerns, please advise crew before purchasing a ticket. eg: recent surgery, epilepsy, heart condition, high blood pressure etc.

Riding Rules!

  • Helmets to be worn at all times, gloves optional but recommended. No helmet, NO run!
  • Left hand = back brake; right hand = front brake. Always keep one to two fingers on each brake lever.
  • ALWAYS ride to your ability.
  • Respect other riders on the track, and give way to faster riders.
  • NEVER stop around a corner.
  • NO alcohol or drugs.
  • Adhere to all signs.
  • Lastly, have fun!

3. Choose your track and get scootering!

Our experienced crew will help you choose the best starting track for your level. Which track we help you choose will depend on your age, skill and ability  – although we do have certain restrictions which must be adhered to for the safety of all riders. The tracks are categorised according to the designed gradient; from a fun, meandering track, right through to our more challenging, adrenalin-pumping tracks, which have been designed and constructed to keep all ages and abilities satisfied and happy.